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Ivy, PrincesNe

arrive from Europe. 

This litter has been spoken for. We are Expecting our next litter soon  

IF  you are considering a Cavalier , Please do not purchase  your new family member without asking to see the  health  certifications and checking for a a recent date. Many breeder certify at two years of age only.  Since clients rarely ask to see the  certs they get away without certifying.  Many certify  at the age of  two. MVD does not even develope until the age of two.  So this test is almost  meaningless.  This could cost you greatly,  a Cavalier with MVD can cost 200.00 per month in medication,  or they can end up in a shelter if families cannot prioritize this kind of pet care.  We are proud to breed healthy dogs. Maintain current certifications.  I  work outside the home as well. This  allows us to spend more and Prioritize our Cavaliers in every way. Homemade foods, vet care and vitamins  all cost more.  We are committed to our Cavaliers long term health.   

Our goal is to maintain a  genetically healthy line of Parents in order to provide customers with the the healthiest puppies possible.   Providing our clients with the  Education on Diet nutrition, health, allergy prevention  and  overall health is crucial for a healthy a  pet for years to come.   Our recipe for success.  Has created many many happy homes . Following our  nutrition education gives  the best chance of avoiding some of the  health issues Cavaliers are plagued  with.  

Please notice we do not have a lengthy  on line application. I feel anyone can answer questions on paper.  I prefer to discuss your question , then we can schedule an in home interview and puppy visit. Or we can work via phone and email if you are out of state.  Many of our puppies are placed out of state. 


Sweet Baby Callie


Listed: 12/02/2012

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