We are expecting Angels on 

Nov 3rd.  Ivy and Bregolas. 

Tri Dominant. 

We are continuing our  training   Russel for a Therapy Angel . He is currently in  the advanced course. He cannot test for his TDT TEST untill he is one year old. He has a few more months of training and testing .  He is doing amaxing thus far. 

Pricing for this litter starts at $ 1700.00 Limited AKC Registration. 


"Perfect Healthy Angel's"

Health Certified, Premium vet care, Holistic diet, Preventative health care including organic nutrients
for supplementing the C.K.C.S.Genes
Raised In Home, Socialized and love every day.
RCK Cavaliers provides a "value" you will not find with just any breeder 

"Puppies are infused daily with blessings and love 

Adding a new member to your family? A Cavalier King Charles is one best decisions you can make

Our Cavaliers are raised on organic and holistic Diet, All of our Cavalier  are  Heart, Eye and Patella Certified.

​Prices vary depending on AKC Registration and Sex.

Are you concerned about the health of your new family member? You should be,   Please do your research and ask to see heart and eye  certifications.

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels